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  • Interview of Charon Antas (from Argentina to Spain)

  • Interview of Katerina Sepou (from Cyprus to England)


  • Find out more on women migrants across Europe with our documentary available HERE

  • Margarita Tenza (90 years old) left Spain to France in 1962-63

    Loic, her grandson tells the story of his grandmother's migration who was looking for employment in France along with her husband. She mainly worked in the fields and was employed as a cleaner in France, where she built her life and family. Loic also reflects on transgenerational migration transmission.

    For her grandson, the objects that best represent Margarita's migration are her gold Christian crosses and her paella.

    Interview conducted by Marie Ruiz on 30 July 2022 in Bezouce, France.

    To cite this interview: Ruiz, Marie (30 July 2022). Interview about Margarita Tenza (from Spain to France) (3:57mn)