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Art center named after Amalie Skram

    Amalia Skram (b. Bergen, Norway, 1846 – d. 1905, Copenhagen, Denmark) was a Norwegian woman who married a Danish writer and moved to Copenhagen. Skram was a crucial but overlooked female voice of the Modern Breakthrough, a period of literature in Scandinavia, who wrote books on uncomfortable subjects such as divorce and mental illness. She became a writer on women’s rights and taboo issues. Her first book, “Madam Høier’s Leiefolk,” was published in 1882, and the book’s detailed depictions of the inhumanities of poverty attracted considerable attention. In 1885, her second work, “Constance Ring”, which built on the experiences of her failed marriage, was published.

    Address : Nygårdsgaten 89, 5008 Bergen, Norway

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