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Bust of Angelica Kauffmann

    Angelica Kauffmann (b. Chur, Switzerland, 1741 – d. 1807, Rome, Papal States) was a noted painter of portraits and landscapes, famous throughout Europe during her lifetime. A child prodigy, Kauffmann received her first tuition in art as an assistant to her father, Joseph Johann Kauffmann, an Austrian muralist. She excelled in her informal training so much so that by a young age, she already completed commissions on behalf of her father. After a move to the Italian peninsula, Kauffmann’s skill became more widely known. Although she mainly produced historical depictions, she also painted royalty, nobility, and famous contemporaries such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Based in Rome for much of her life, Kaufmann moved widely; spending time in Bologna, Venice, and London. In the latter city, she became one of two women who founded the Royal Academy.

    Address : Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg: Pfarrkirche Heiligste Dreifaltigkeit

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