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Bust of Milka Trnina

    Milka Trnina (b. Vezišće, Croatia, 1863 — d. 1941, Zagreb, Croatia) was a Croatian opera singer. She was educated in Zagreb and Vienna, and she achieved her first great successes in Zagreb. Then Trnina left Zagreb for training and employment. In Germany and Austria she was engaged in opera theaters in Leipzig, Graz and Bremen (1883-1890). She traveled and performed in Vienna, Dresden, Moscow and other important opera houses, such as London’s Covent Garden (1890- 1905). She also performed in the USA (1896- 1900) and in New York’s Metropolitan. On 1 September 1906, due to illness, Trnina gave up singing and retired to her villa in the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden for several years. She also briefly went to America where she taught singing at the Institute of Music Art in New York. Trnina returned to Zagreb in 1913, where she died in 1941.

    Address : Trg Republike Hrvatske 15, 10000, Zagreb

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