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Church named after Lady Ghica

    Marițica Ghica (b. Bucharest, Romania, 1815 – d. 1859, Paris, France) was the Princess-consort of Wallachia between September 1845 and June 1848 and an unpublished poet. Described by period sources as exceptionally beautiful, if also vain and ambitious, she married in 1834 the Prince’s brother, Spatharios Costache Ghica. She died in Paris after being sent into political exile in 1848 with her husband Prince Ghica.She later had a child with her third cousin, Gheorghe Bibescu, who ascended to the throne. In 1848, after a failed assassination attempt, the couple eventually escaped Wallachia and settled in the Austrian Empire. She and Gheorghe then lived in Istanbul, and later in Paris.

    Address : Biserica Fundenii Doamnei, Bucharest 077085

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