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Gravestone of Nadia (Nadejda) Russo-Bossie

    Nadia Russo-Bossie (b. Tver, Russian Empire, 1901 – d. 1988, Bucharest, Romania), born Nadejda Brjozovska, was a Romanian military aviator of Russian origin. She and her sister fled Russia in 1917 to escape the Red Terror. She took refuge in Bessarabia, which became a part of the Kingdom of Romania (1918). Then she moved to Romania and studied nursing and aviation. In 1938, she joined the newly founded all-female aviation team “White Squadron” which saved more than 1,500 lives from the front lines in WWII. After the end of the conflict, she was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to seven years in prison. In 1957, she was deported to a labor camp. After her release, she lived poorly in Bucharest, where she died in 1988, almost forgotten.

    Address : ”Reînvierea” Cemetery, Strada Reînvierii 4, București, 021122, România

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