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Gravestone of Princess Anna Chavchavadze – Vorobtsova- Dashkova

    Princess Anna Chavchavadze–Vorobtsova–Dashkova (b.Tbilisi, Georgia, 1890 – d.1941, Berlin, Germany) an early model of Coco Chanel, was great-granddaughter of famous Georgian poet Prince Alexander Chavchavadze and Princess Salome Orbeliani. Princess Anna’s first husband was Joseph (Osiko) Mamatsashvili. In 1916 she met Count Alexander Vorintsov-Dashkov, in Borjomi, Georgia where Anna worked at the hospital. Anna and Alexander got married on March 10, 1916 in St Petersburg. In 1924 she opened Fashion House “Imedi”- Hope in Paris, France.

    Address : Wittestraße 37, 13509 Berlin , Germany -Berlin-Tegel Russian Orthodox Cemetery

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