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Gravestone of Tamara Karsavina

    Tamara Platonova Karsavina (b. St. Petersburg, Russian Empire, 1885 – d. 1978, Beaconsfield, UK) was a Russian ballerina who settled in Britain. She began teaching ballet professionally and became recognised as one of the founders of modern British ballet. She assisted in the establishment of the Royal Ballet and was a founder of the Royal Academy of Dance. She married British diplomat Henry James Bruce and left Russia before the Red Terror. Karsavina went to Paris with the Ballet Russes and moved to London from 1918. She stayed in the UK until her death in 1978. Her grave in Hampstead Cemetery, in the London Borough of Camden says  »Whosoever Believeth in Me Shall Never Die ».

    Address : Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Rd, London NW6 1DR, UK

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