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Library named after Andrée Chedid

    Andrée Chedid (b. Cairo, Egypt, 1920 – d. 2011, Paris, France) was a highly esteemed French poet and novelist of Lebanese and Egyptian descent. She began her literary career in the 1940s, exploring themes of identity, exile, and the human condition. Chedid’s poetry, characterized by its lyricism and depth, earned her acclaim and numerous awards, including the prestigious Goncourt Prize for Poetry in 2002. Her novels, such as « Le Sixième Jour » (« The Sixth Day ») and « L’Enfant Multiple » (« The Multiple Child »), also received recognition for their poignant storytelling. Throughout her life, Chedid was an advocate for peace and human rights. Her prolific and diverse body of work reflects a profound engagement with language and a deep empathy for the complexities of existence. Andrée Chedid’s contributions to French literature have left an indelible mark, making her a revered figure in the literary world.

    Address : Médiathèque Andrée Chedid,156 Avenue de la Fin de la Guerre, 59200 Tourcoing

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