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Library named after Marko Vovchok

    Marko Vovchok (b. Yekaterininskoye selo, Yeletsk uyezd, Oryol Governorate, Russian Empire, 1833 – d. 1907, Nalchik, Tersk Oblast, Russian Empire) was a Ukrainian writer. In 1851 she moved to Ukraine, having married Aphanasyy Markovych, a folklorist and ethnographer who was a member of the Brotherhood of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Between 1851 and 1858 she lived in Chernihiv, Kiev and Nemyriv, assisting her husband with his ethnographic work and learning Ukrainian. After a short stay in Saint Petersburg in 1859, Marko Vovchok moved to Central Europe, where she lived in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. From 1867 to 1878, she lived in Saint Petersburg, where due to the prohibition against the Ukrainian language she engaged in translation for Russian magazines. A scandal broke when she was accused of plagiarism for attributing herself the translations of others. With her second husband, she continued traveling places.

    Address : Nauky Ave, 63, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03083

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