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Mural named after Mélinée Manouchian

    Melina Manouchian (b. Costantinople, Turkiye, 1913 – d. 1989, Paris, France) was born as Melina Assadourian (or Soukémian).] During the Armenian genocide she lost her parents and was taken to a Protestant orphanage in Smyrne. Then she moved to Corinth, Greece. After 1926 she lived in Marseilles, France, where she learned French and studied accounting. She met her future husband Missak Manouchian in 1934. During the French Resistance she became a heroic companion to her husband. From the early 1940s she regularly made, copied and distributed forbidden anti-fascist literature. After her husband’s execution she lived in Paris until her death.

    Address : 11 Rue du Groupe Manouchian, Paris

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