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Musical School named after Vida Matjan

    Vida Matjan, nee Hribar (b. Ljubljana, Kingdom of Austro-Hungary, 1896 – d. 1993, Kotor, FR Yugoslavia) was a Slovene and Yugoslav composer, pedagogist and the director of the first musical school in Kotor, Montenegro. She grew up in Ljubljana and got her education in Vienna, but had to return to her country during the First World War. With her family, she moved to Belgrade, and when World War Two started they moved to Kotor. There Vida established the first private musical school, which was soon integrated into the State musical school. Vida Matjan supported the National Liberation Army and joined the AFŽ- Antifascist Front of Women in Montenegro. After the war, she continued to manage the school, compose and in 1949 she became the director of the musical school. Vida was awarded with many honoraria and awards for her contribution to Yugoslav and Montenegrin musical culture. The musical school in Kotor, where she spent her working life bears her name since 2007.

    Address : 456 Stari grad br, 85330, Kotor, Montenegro

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