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Palace of Countess Anastasia (Taso) Orbeliani – Gagarina

    Anastasia (Tasso) Orbeliani-Gagarina (b. Tbilisi, Georgia, 1825 – d. 1907, Crimea, Ukraine) was a descendant of the ancient Orbeliani family. Gagarin, The Governor-General of Kutaisi, and Anastasia married in 1853. Gagarin was assassinated in 1857, and Anastasia left Georgia to live on her husband’s estate in Crimea. She never remarried but dedicated her life to helping others. She built a hospital on her estate to treat the residents of the neighboring village. Anastasia had also always wanted to fulfill her late husband’s dream of building a knightly fortress for the glory of eternal love. In 1907, the three-story Roman-style fortress was finally completed on the cape. However, shortly after fulfilling her husband’s dream, Anastasia passed away at the age of 77. Her grave is considered lost, but in 2007, a bronze statue called « Remembrance of Love » was erected in front of the palace as a symbol of her eternal love and fidelity. The sculpture was created by the Honored Architect of Ukraine, Viktor Gordeev.

    Address : 5, Gagarin st,  Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine.

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