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Park named after Queen Katarina Kosača Kotromanjić

    Katarina Kosača Kotromanjić (b. Blagaj, Kingdom of Bosnia, 1424/25 – d. 1478, Rome, Papal States) was Queen of Bosnia as the wife of King Thomas. Her marriage in 1446 was arranged to bring peace between the king and her father, Stjepan Vukčić. Following her husband’s death in 1461, Catherine’s role receded to that of queen dowager. Forces of the Ottoman Empire, led by Mehmed the Conqueror, invaded Bosnia and put an end to the independent kingdom. Queen Catherine escaped, taking refuge in Dubrovnik and eventually settling in Rome, where she received a pension from the papacy.

    Address : Park kraljice Katarine Kosača, 7, 31000, Osijek

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