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Park named after Sister Emmanuelle

    Sister Emmanuelle (b. Brussels, Belgium, 1908 – d. 2008, Var, France) was born Madeleine Cinquin and often nicknamed the “little sister of the rag pickers” or “the little sister of the poor”. She was a teacher, Franco-Belgian nun and writer, naturalized Egyptian from 1991. She is known for her charitable works in Egypt with children and the most disadvantaged, and a symbol, in French opinion, of the cause of the underprivileged. When she was young, she lived between Paris , London and Brussels. She taught in Turkey, Tunisia and then Egypt. In 1977, Sister Emmanuelle published her first book ‘Chiffonnière with the ragpickers’ then left for the United States in 1978 to collect funds. In 1980, with the money collected, the Salam Center was inaugurated by the wife of President Sadat and offers clinics, schools, kindergartens, training centers and a social club. She then worked in Sudan, before moving to Paris.

    Address : Square Sœur Emmanuelle, Rennes

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