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Plaque to Frida Hansen

    Frida Hansen (b. Stavanger, Norway, 1855 – d. 1931, Oslo, Norway) was a Norwegian textile artist in the Art Nouveau style. She established important contacts between Norwegian and European tapestry. Her work is displayed in museums such as the National Museum – Museum of Applied Art in Oslo, Drammen Museum, Stavanger Art Museum, and the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. From 1895, Frida Hansen went abroad to study first in Cologne as a student in medieval art and then to Paris for life drawing. The impetus she brought from abroad was crucial to her development. At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, she was awarded gold medal for her carpet Melkeveien. In 1915, she received the King’s Medal of Merit in gold for her work as a textile artist. From 1926 until her death in 1931, she worked on the St. Olav wall carpet at Stavanger Cathedral.

    Address : Strandkaien 28, 4005 Stavanger

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