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Plaque to Violette Szabo

    Violette Szabo (Violette Reine Elizabeth Bushell) (born Paris, France 26 June 1921 – died 5 February 1945 KZ Ravensbrück, Germany) was a British-French Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent during World War II. In September 1943, she was recruited by the SOE to train as a field agent. Her bilingualism had been a strength for her spy job. During a mission in occupied France, she was captured by the Nazis. She was interrogated and deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany, where she was executed on 5th February 1945. On 17th December 1946, Violette Szabo was posthumously awarded the George Cross (the highest British award for non-operational gallantry). She was the second woman to receive this award. The commemorative blue plaque is on the wall of the house where she grew up.

    Address : 18 Burnley Road, Stockwell, Lambeth, SW9, London

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