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School named after Malina Popivanova

    Malina Popivanova (b. Kočani, Macedonia, Ottoman Empire, 1902 – d. 1954, Tyumen, Soviet Union) was a Macedonian revolutionary. She graduated high school in Sofia and studied pharmacology in Belgrade (1920–1921). Arriving in Skopje, she became a member and librarian of the Cultural and Artistic Society “Abrašević”. In 1924, she left to the Soviet Union and graduated from the Sverdlov University (1928). She attended the Fourth Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia in Dresden (1928), where she was elected as a member of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, making her the first Macedonian with such a high position. She left to the Soviet Union for treatment (1929), under the name Elena Nikolaevna Galkina. During Stalin’s purges, she was imprisoned (1937–1939), after which she worked as a history teacher at a pedagogical school in Tyumen.

    Address : Todosija Paunov 95, Kočani

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