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Social Housing named after Alice Chomé-Bastian

    Alice Chomé-Bastian (b. Eich, German Empire, 1894 – d. 1981) married Félix Chomé and migrated to Aix-la Chapelle for two years, then to Germany. Their migration was due to Felix Chomé’s job of managing iron and steel factories. They build their fortune from steel, but once back in Luxembourg as steel magnates, their life was oriented towards providing social support for the underpriviledged, and their social engagement continues to this day through the Felix Chomé foundation and the Maison ALix Chomé-Bastian social housing. At the beginning, the foundation’s main purpose was to build andmanage a residence for autonomous elderly women on modest incomes who would be welcomed without restriction according to a principle of political, religious, ideological, and philosophical neutrality. At the time, this type of initiative was an appropriate response to the often dramatic material situations faced by many elderly, widowed, or divorced women.

    Address : 50 rue d'Eich, Luxembourg

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