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Statue of Christodoula Zempashi

    Christodoula Zempashi, a Greek Cypriot cancer patient, sometime between the ages of 65 and 70, in August 1974, chased by Turkish soldiers (during the Turkish invation to Cyprus), took the road from Kato Varosi through Agios Memnon to proceed the Kokkinochoria area and the British Bases that provided security under the circumstances. After walking about 20 kilometers, she arrived at an orange grove in Sotira village and, as she was, dismembered (she had a mastectomy to deal with cancer metastasis), she landed under an orange tree to rest where she died. Her doctor Demetris Souliotis, in 1976 suggested to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association to establish the Christodoulas course, on an annual basis. In April 1976 the first march took place. Since then, the «Poria Christodoulas – Christodoula’s march» is an annual event of social solidarity and moral support for cancer patients and their families and is the association’s main source of income.

    Address : 2XF3+327, Sotira, Ammohostos

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