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Statue of Maria Boorman Ceccarini

    Maria Boorman Wheeler Ceccarini (b. New York, USA, 1840 – d. 1903, Riccione, Italy) was an American philanthropist. Born to a wealthy family in New York, Maria met her husband Giovanni Ceccarini when he was working as a health commissioner in the American city. Their marriage was celebrated in 1863. In 1875, the couple returned to Italy. In Riccione, they built a villa where they went regularly, coming in contact with the difficult condition of the working class and peasants. Following Giovanni’s death in 1888, Maria decided to strengthen her presence in Riccione where she chose to support the activities of the local Workers’ Mutual Aid Society, in particular by financing the setting up of the « popular library ». In 1892, Maria built the Infant Garden that now is named after her. She then participated in the foundation of the hospital that took her husband’s name and financed a series of works to improve the city, in particular public lighting. The name of the Ceccarini family has left a deep mark on the city of Riccione.

    Address : Viale Maria Ceccarini, 47838 Riccione RN

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