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Statue of Princess Marie

    Marie Amélie Françoise Hélène d’Orléans (b. Ham, United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland, 1865 – d. 1909 Copenhagen, Denmark) was the oldest child of Robert and Françoise of Orléans, descendants of the last French king, Louis Philippe I. In 1885 she married Prince Valdemar and became princess of Denmark. The princess was known to be unconventional and followed her own heart and not royal etiquette. She was clever, energetic and a gifted artist and painter. In the Danish public Marie was a popular person. Marie advocated social equality and did not care what others thought of her. Marie was given permission by the Court, much against custom, to go out into the town without a courtier. She raised her children very freely, and the home was inspired by her artistic personality. There were frequent visits from artists of the day, politicians and sailors, as her husband was in the navy.

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