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Street named after Agnes Sjöberg

    Agnes Sjöberg (Agnes Hildegard Sjöberg) (born Kauhajoki, Finland 1888, – died 1964, Seinäjoki, Finland) was a Finnish veterinarian. In 1913, she was the first woman in Europe who was granted permission to study a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. Sjöberg studied pre-doctoral degree in Berlin and worked in Mecklenburg. She defended her PhD in veterinary medicine in Dresden in 1918. After graduation, Sjöberg worked as a veterinarian in Finland, England, Germany and the United States. She founded her own clinic in Finland in 1926 but her research was not as appreciated in her own homeland as it was abroad. She faced discrimination from her male colleagues while working and studying veterinary.

    Address : Sööpärintie, Kauhajoki

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