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Street named after Alžbeta Gwerková

    Alžbeta Gwerková (b. 1905, Cierny Balog, Slovakia – d. 1944, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia) was an educated woman and an intellectual with a keen interest in events. She connected the emancipation of women with democracy and was the author of the book “Woman of the new era”. She strove for equal rights for people, and today, her efforts and her life story fascinate many people. There is growing interest in research that would reveal more about her ways and thinking. From 1917–1919, she studied at a business school, spent 1919–1925 in Banská Bystrica, and spent 1925–1930 studying Czech and Hungarian at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prague. She also completed a study stay at the Sorbonne in Paris and Kluz.

    Address : A. Gwerkovej, 851 04 Petržalka, Slovakia

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