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Street named after Annemarie-Schwarzenbach

    Annemarie Schwarzenbach (b. Zürich, Switzerland, 1908 – d. 1942, Sils im Engadin, Switzerland) was a Swiss writer, journalist, photographer, and traveler. She studied history in Paris and Zurich and after 1933, she led the life of a migrant and traveled to various countries. She was known for her travels, especially in the eastern parts of the world such as Persia, Afghanistan, and India. Annemarie was also active as a journalist and photojournalist, and her works often explored socio-political themes. Throughout her life, she faced a series of challenges, including drug addiction and troubled personal relationships. Despite her short lifespan, she left a significant mark in literature and journalism and is still renowned today for her travel writings and reflections.

    Address : Annemarie-Schwarzenbach-Weg, 8050 Zürich, Švicarska

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