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Street named after Annot Jacobi

    Annot, née Anna Ottilie Krigar-Menzel (b. Berlin, Germany, 1894 – d. 1981, Berlin, Germany), also known after her marriage as Annot Jacobi, was a German painter, art teacher, art writer, and pacifist. In 1916, in protest against World War I, she distributed self-written pacifist memoranda and was sentenced to jail for 30 days. From 1916 to 1920, Annot lived in Oslo, Norway, where she continued to advocate for peace. As a result of political hostility in Germany, she spent much of her life in the United States (she opened the Annot Art School and Gallery at Rockefeller Center) and Puerto Rico (there she visited Pablo Casals with her husband, and they were particularly attracted by « the racial integration making itself felt there in all conditions of life »).

    Address : Annot-Jacobi-Straße 9, 48282 Emsdetten

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