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Street named after Caterina Cornaro

    Caterina Cornaro (b. Venice, Italy, 1454 – d.1519, Asolo, Italy), was the daughter of a well-known and powerful family of Venice having produced four Doges (dukes of Venice). Her family had long associations with Cyprus, especially with regards to trade and commerce and in 1468 she married the King of Cyprus James II, and moved to Cyprus. In 1473, after a sudden illness, James II died and according to the wishes in his will, the Queen who at the time was pregnant, acted as Regent. Caterina Cornaro ruled Cyprus from 1474 to 1489 but was forced to cede the administration of the country to the Republic of Venice. On May 14, 1489, she was obliged to leave the island. Upon her departure, the whole population was bewailing. She was sent to Venice, and led to Asolo where she lived until her death in 1510.

    Address : Strovolos, Lefcosia

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