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Street named after Elisabet Ney

    Franzisca Bernadina Wilhelmina Elisabeth Ney (b. Münster, Province of Westphalia, Prussia, 1833 – d. 1907, Austin, USA) was a German-American sculptor who spent the first half of her life and career in Europe, producing portraits of famous leaders, such as Otto von Bismarck, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and King George V of Hanover. At age 39, she immigrated to Texas with her husband, Edmund Montgomery, and became a pioneer in the development of art there. Ney was outspoken about women’s roles. She refused to use her husband’s name, often denying she was even married. She wore pants and rode her horses astride as men did. She liked to fashion her own clothes, which, in addition to slacks, included boots and a black artist frock coat.

    Address : Elisabet-Ney-Straße, Münster

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