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Street named after Hana Ponická

    Hana Ponická (b. Halič, Slovakia, 1922 – d. 2007, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia) was a writer and activist. During the Second World War, she began to study medicine, but did not finish her studies. She actively participated in the Slovak National Uprising, and lived with her husband in Rome in 1948-1950. After returning to Slovakia, she worked as an editor, and in 1954-1967 she devoted herself professionally to literature, whereas in 1968-1972 she was the editor of Smena na nedelí, but she had to leave her job because of her stance against the occupation. She moved to Lukavice (near Sliač), where she worked as a dissident. In 1977, she became one of the signatories of Charter 77. In 1988, she was put on trial for commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Soviet invasion.

    Address : Hany Ponickej, 962 31 Sliač, Slovakia

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