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Street named after Helene Lockert

    Helene Lockert (b. Court-Saint-Etienne, Belgium, 1891 – d. 1966 in Amiens, France was a teacher and director of the École normale d’institutrices d’Amiens, SFIO socialist activist in the Somme, Resistance fighter, federal vice-president of the Human Rights League (Ligue des droits de l’Homme (LDH) (1957–1958), city councilor (1945–1947), and Deputy Mayor of Amiens (1947–1959). In 1918, she was appointed professor of literature and English at the École normale d’Amiens. In the mid-1920s, she was in charge of the library and, in 1926, went to Great Britain to perfect her English accent. She won many awards throughout her lifetime. In 1950, she was on the list of signatories in the Somme region of the Stockholm Appeal, which called for an absolute ban on atomic weapons and was a member of the departmental sponsorship committee for the Stockholm Appeal. Chairwoman of the urban committee for Old People’s Day, she took part in the CGT-FO campaign for the Social Security elections, and in November 1955, she chaired an information and propaganda meeting on the theme of defending older workers. A street in Amiens bears her name.

    Address : Rue Helene Lockert, 80000 Amiens

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