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Street named after Ida Gerhardi

    Ida Gerhardi (b. Hagen, Germany, 1862 – d. 1927, Lüdenscheid, Germany) was a German Neo- Impressionist painter who spent much of her career in Paris. Although she had wanted to be a painter since she was a young girl, she was twenty-eight before she was able to pursue her ambitions. In 1890, she enrolled at the Women’s Academy of the Münchner Künstlerinnenverein, and in 1891, she moved to Paris, where she studied at the Académie Colarossi, a popular school for foreign students. At first, she worked as a landscape painter, inspired by the Barbizon school, but soon lightened her palette and began concentrating on portraits. She also painted scenes from amusement halls and pubs, which she visited with her friend at a time when it was just beginning to be acceptable for unaccompanied women to visit such establishments. She organized her own exhibitions and sold her works largely by herself.

    Address : Ida-Gerhardi-Weg, Detmold

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