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Street named after Jeanne Deroin

    Jeanne Deroin (b., Paris, France 1805 – d. 1894 London, UK) was a French politician and a socialist feminist. She wrote a forty-four-page essay in which Deroin argued against the idea that women were inferior to men, and likened marriage to slavery. With a group of working women, she began publishing La Femme Libre, the first newspaper for women in France. Deroin was a prominent figure during the Revolutions of 1848, campaigning for the rights of women and against the exploitation of children and harsh treatment of convicts. After the coup détat of 2 December 1851, Jeanne Deroin had leave in exile to England where she opened a school for the children of political refugees. She also worked alongside English socialists and published a Womens Almanac.

    Address : Rue Jeanne Deroin, 44200 Nantes

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