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Street named after Katharina Behrend

    Katharina Eleonore Behrend (b. Liepzig, Germany, 1888 – d. 1973, The Hague, the Netherlands) was a German-born Dutch photographer who is remembered for a wide variety of photographic genres, including a nude self-portrait. Peeking into the life of an upper-class, intellectual woman in the beginning of the 20th century, Katharina Eleonore Behrend’s images cover a diverse range of subjects. She portrayed family life in Germany and the Netherlands, depicted temple ruins and nomad settlements during a study trip to Algeria, and documented her husband’s factory in Leiden. Ahead of her time and as an early adapter of the German Freikörperkultur movement, Behrend photographed herself and friends nude. For many years, she carefully kept diaries, from which an energetic and free-spirited woman with modern ideas speaks.

    Address : Katharina-Behrend-Weg, 30457 Hannover

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