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Street named after Khrystyna Sushko-Skachkivska

    Khrystyna Sushko (b. 1894, Kyiv, Ukraine – d. 1967, Geneva, Switzerland) was a Ukrainian military medic. She was born in Kyiv, in the family of Prince Yevhen Trubetsky. With the beginning of the First World War, she went to the South-Western Front, where she worked as a nurse in a military hospital. Later she became the only female officer in the army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. In 1919, she was captured by the Bolsheviks. After the final retreat of the Ukrainian People’s Republic Army to Poland, in 1922 to 1923, Khrystyna Sushko continued to hold the position of divisional doctor in the camp for interned persons near Kalisz. Later, she lived in Poland, Italy, France, and Germany. In 1945 to 1950, in the American occupation zone of Germany, she was a US army doctor and headed the medical service in the camps for displaced persons in Mannheim, Würzburg, Leipzig, Dillingen, and Gunzburg.

    Address : vulytsia Hrystyny Susko-Skachkivskoji, Lviv, Ukraine

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