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Street named after Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

    Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (b. Lisbon, Portugal, 1908 – d. 1992, Paris, France ) was a Portuguese abstract painter. In 1928, Vieira da Silva left Lisbon to study in Paris, and by 1930 she was exhibiting paintings in Paris; that same year she married the Hungarian painter Árpád Szenes. At the onset of World War II in 1939, Vieira da Silva moved to Portugal from France. The following year, she left for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she gained prominence as an artist for her dense and complex compositions.She was considered a leading member of the European abstract expressionism movement known as Art Informel. Her works feature complex interiors and city views using lines that explore space and perspective. She also worked in tapestry and stained glass.

    Address : R. Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Santo António dos Cavaleiros

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