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Street named after Maria Leonor Rubiano

    Maria Leonor Rubiano (b. Mieres, Spain, 1920 – d. 1944, Ravensbrück, Germany) migrated to La Plaine Saint-Denis, an industrial area right to the north of the French capital, with her parents in 1926. She worked as a handler in a tar paper factory. In 1936, she joined the Jeunes filles de France and became an active militant in solidarity with Republican Spain, especially after her older brother left to fight for the Republic. From 1940, she took part in various resistance actions in la Plaine-Saint-Denis. She was arrested on October 4, 1941 by the Gestapo and imprisoned in the Santé prison until May 1942. Classified as a « Nacht und Nebel » prisoner, she was transferred to Germany at the end of May 1942. In captivity she continued to take part in various resistance and sabotage actions. Deported to the Ravensbrück camp in 1944, she died of tuberculosis in 1945.

    Address : Rue Maria-Leonor-Rubiano, 93210 Saint-Denis

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