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Street named after Mária Medvecká

    Marie Medveckej (b. Medvedzie, Slovakia, 1914 – d. 1987, Bratislava, Slovakia ) was a Slovak painter, a representative of Slovak realistic impressionism. She came from the noble family Medvecký from Medvedzie and Malý Bysterec (Medveczky de Medveczei és Kis Bisterczei). After the war, she continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and in Prague with Professor Želibský. She became a painter of her native Orava and its people. Since the 1950s, he has also been devoted to the engaged themes of socialist realism with images of industrialization and the building of a socialist society. She is the author of the 10 CZK banknote, which was valid in Czechoslovakia between 1961 and 1988.

    Address : Márie Medveckej, 971 01 Prievidza, Slovaquie

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