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Street named after Mily Possoz

    Mily Possoz (b. Lisbon, Portugal, 1888 – d. 1968, Lisbon, Portugal) was a Portuguese artist of Belgian origin. She was one of the most prominent figures of the first generation of Portuguese modernist artists. She settled in Paris from 1927 to 1937, occasionally visiting Portugal to exhibit or visit family members. In 1937, she participated in the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life) in Paris and won a Gold Medal for engraving. In the same year, she exhibited at the French Printmaking Exhibition, held in Cleveland in the United States. Returning to Portugal after the death of her mother in 1937, Possoz lived in Sintra. In 1940 she was among many modernist artists invited by the architect Cottinelli Telmo to decorate the pavilions of the Portuguese World Exhibition (Exposição do Mundo Português).

    Address : Rua Mily Possoz, Arrentela

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