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Street named after queen Maria of Yugoslavia

    Queen Maria of Yugoslavia (b. Gotha, Germany, 1900 – d.1961, Chelsea, UK) was born in Germany and of Russian heritage. After the death of Carol I, her parents became King and Queen of Romania, and Maria moved with them to Romania, which became her new home country. She married king Aleksandar Karađorđević in 1922, and moved to Yugoslavia where she founded schools for the children of the local farmers, scholarships for the benefit of poor students and co-operated with the church to help poor families. After the king’s assassination in 1934, due to her deteriorating health, Maria permanently moved to England in 1939. After the end of WWII, the new communist regime revoked her citizenship and confiscated her property. She died in London and her remains were transferred to Serbia in 2013.

    Address : Kraljice Marije, Belgrade

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