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Street named after Queen Sofia

    Sofía of Greece and Denmark (b. Corfu, Greece, 1914 – d. 2001, Bavaria, Germany) was by birth a Greek and Danish princess who grew up in Greece. War led to her exile in Switzerland (between 1917 and 1920) and then in France (from 1922 to 1936). At the end of the 1920s, Sophie fell in love with one of her distant cousins, Prince Christoph of Hesse, whom she married and moved to Berlin, Germany with. Attached to Nazism, Sophie and her in-laws therefore served as unofficial intermediaries between Nazi Germany and the European dynasties to whom they were related. She later realized the true nature of Hitler’s regime and turned against Nazism.

    Address : Vassilisis Sofias Street, Pireas 185 41, Athens

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