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Street named after Susan Lowndes

    Susan Antonia Dorothea Priestley Lowndes Marques OBE (b. London, England, 1907 – d. 1993, Lisbon, Portugal) was an author and journalist who became a leading figure in the British community in Lisbon, Portugal. In August 1938, she went with her father for a brief holiday in Lisbon, where she met Luís Artur de Oliveira Marques, an English-educated journalist. They were married in London and made their home in Lisbon, later moving to Monte Estoril. Her husband was the editor (and later owner) of the Anglo-Portuguese News, a newspaper targeted primarily at the British community in Portugal. She would carry on running it after his death until 1980. During World War II, in addition to working on the Anglo- Portuguese News, Susan Lowndes Marques and her husband helped out in the Press section of the British Embassy, reviewing the Portuguese press for items of British interest. The Anglo-Portuguese News was the only British newspaper published in Continental Europe during the war and received support from the Britih Government.

    Address : Rua Susan Lowndes, Estoril

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