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Street named after Tania Leon

    Tania Leon, born Ruth Naomi Leon, (1945 – 1996) was a South African born teacher and women’s activist. She was a member of the anti-apartheid movement in the Netherlands and of the Dutch unit of the ANC. Leon was born on Friday May 4, 1945 in Wellington, South Africa. In 1973, Leon decided to leave South Africa because the South African government’s apartheid policies were becoming more repressive. She arrived in the Netherlands in 1973. She became a Dutch citizen in1984, Leon worked from August 1986 to 1989 at the Foundation for Women and Informatics in Amsterdam, as well as a lecturer at the Women’s School of Informatics from August 1987. Leon died on Thursday, August 15, 1996 at the age of 51 in Nigtevecht.

    Address : Tania Leonstraat, Rotterdam

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