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Tomb of Elvira Madigan

    Elvira Madigan (b. Flensburg, Kingdom of Prussia, 1867 – d. 1889, Tåsinge, Denmark) was a slack-line dancer, circus rider, and juggler born in Flensburg, Prussia. She traveled and performed her act across Europe, causing a sensation. Elvira Madigan received a golden cross from the King of Denmark as an award of her outstanding performance. Madigan spoke a mixture of German, Danish, and Swedish, but held residence in Sweden. Madigan probably committed a double suicide with her illicit lover, Sixten Sparre (1854–1889) in the forest square of Tåsinge. The couple had fled together but ran out of money and possible options to share their life together. Their story is romanticized in movies, songs, and theatrical productions.

    Address : Elvira Madigans Vej 39A, 5700 Svendborg

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