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Tomb of Laura Madigan

    Laura Madigan (b. Billnäs, Finland, 1849 – d.1918, Limhamn, Sweden) was a Finnish-born circus director specialized in riding skills. She was a resident of Sweden. During her childhood she lived and performed in Finland and Sweden with her parents. Later on, Laura Madigan married and traveled together with her American husband, John Madigan. Her daughter, Elvira Madigan, became a sensation on the slack wire and even received a Golden Cross from the King and Queen of Denmark. Laura Madigan’s travels took her to Austria, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Russia. After her retirement, she resided in Limhamn, Sweden until her death in 1918. Laura Madigan is buried next to her husband and her daughter at Sankt Peters Cloister Church in Lund, yet the tombstone does not include her engraving, which indicates that she died poor and that it was not important to commemorate her, regardless of her prosperous career in the circus.

    Address : Trollebergsvägen 4, 222 29 Lund, Sweden

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