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Tombstone of Hegumenia Arsenia

    Hegumenia Arsenia (Anna Sysojevna Sysojeva/Jegorova) (born Novogrod, Russia, 1872 – died Heinävesi, Finland 1961) was Lintula Monastery’s leader who later on gained the honorary title Hegumenia. She had started her life in monastery in 1891 in Penza, Russia where she moved to Lintula in 1912. Anna was ordained to a nun in 1915 and she worked as the head of the monastery from 1931. Lintula monastery was originally located in Kivennapa holder in Lintula Village. When Finland became independent and The Russian revolutions began, Lintula monastery’s ties to Russia were cut and the monastery was transferred under the rule of Orthodox Church of Finland. In 1939, when the winter war began, the residents of the monastery fled to Finland. 47 nuns fled to Joroinen where they continued their way to Luhanka and settled to Kuhmalahti. In 1946 monastery moved to Heinävesi and Anna was one of the head nuns who led 30 nuns there.

    Address : Valamontie 36, Heinävesi

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