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Lela Goginava

    Lela Goginava is a Director of the Center for Migration and Diaspora Studies (CMDS) at the East European University of Georgia. She holds MA degrees in Peace Studies, philosophy and Journalism. She was a Carrier diplomat with 21 years of work experience at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (1996 – 2017) and worked as a Deputy to the Permanent Representation of Georgia to the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France)  in 2007-2010. She has experience in project management cycle, including reports preparation, commenting and monitoring over their implementation. 

    As a researcher, she focuses on the feminization on migration, educational migration and diaspora issues. Her most recent projects entail  two researches on Governance of Migration in Georgia (2020)  and  Educational Migration – Georgian Students and Challenges ( 2021).

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