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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    Petko Hristov and Niya Spasova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) have been granted funding support for their project « Woman labor mobility – past and present », by the National fund of Scientific Research of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. This is part of the national program supporting the participation of Bulgaria in COST Action CA19112 Women on the Move (WEMov), and interdisciplinary network of researchers focused on historical and contemporary women workers’ mobility. A two-year project (2021-2022), it will allow WEMov’s participants from Bulgaria, Petko Hristov and Niya Spasova, to complete field research on women’s labor mobility in Bulgaria as well as in historical archives. The shooting of 4 documentaries is also plannBulgariaed, with interviews of transborder women labor migrants, and this will contribute to the work of WEMov’s WG4.