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Document TitleStatistical Society
A third of the women with a migration background have a technical college entrance qualification or high school diploma – a fifth have no school qualificationsin-coming migration (number)
Access to education of migrant children and minors in Romaniain-coming migration (number)
Age-sex profile of emigrants/immigrants in Croatiain- and out-migration
All valid permits by age, sex and citizenship on 31 December of each yearin-coming migration (number)
Annual population changes (district, birth, death, sex, internal migration, external migration)in- and out-migration
Annual report on migration and asylumin-coming migration (number)
Applications and granting of protection status / gender/age breakdown of the total number of applicantsin-coming migration (number)
Applications at the Finnish Immigration Service concerning residence permits, international protection, citizenship and removal from the countryin-coming migration (number)
Approved visa applications to North Macedonia, by sexin-coming migration (number)
Arrivals and asylum trendsin-coming migration (number)
Arrivals, departure, net migrationin-coming migration (number)
Asylum applicants by type of applicant, citizenship, age and sex – annual aggregated datain-coming migration (number)
Authorisations issued for the purpose of seasonal work by economic sector, sex and citizenshiplabour market
Composition of population change – Migration flowin- and out-migration
Composition of the foreign population in-coming migration (number)
Croatia migration profiles by UNICEFin-coming migration (number)
Data and indicators on emigrants and new citizensin-coming migration (number)
Data from: A refugee camp in the center of Europe: clinical characteristics of asylum seekers arriving in Brusselsin-coming migration (number)
Data relating to asylum seekersin-coming migration (number)
Database on Immigrants in OECD countries (DIOC)labour market