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...und es kamen auch Frauen. Engagement italienischer Migrantinnen in Politik und Gesellschaft der NachkriegsschweizBooks
‘An Invasion of Guest Worker Children’: Welfare Reform and the Stigmatisation of Family Migration in West GermanyArticles
‘And They Shall Be One Flesh…’: Gender Convergence of Family Roles in Transnational Families of Ukrainian Migrant WomenChapters
‘Enough is Enough’: Strike, Affective Solidarity and Belonging Among Migrant Women from Poland Living in TrondheimChapters
‘My Husband Is a Patriot!’: Gender and Romanian Family Return Migration from ItalyArticles
‘My Name is not Natasha’. How Albanian Women in France Use Trafficking to Overcome Social Exclusion (1998-2001)Books
‘Not Our Problem': Why the Detention of Irregular Migrants is Not Considered a Human Rights Issue in Malta.Chapters
‘Reproachable Victims’? Representations and Self-Representations of Russian Women Involved in Transnational Prostitution.”Articles
‘Settled in Mobility’: Engendering Post-Wall Migration in EuropeBooks
‘When my children were born, I started to love Belgium’: Moroccan migrant mothers’ narratives of affective citizenship in the Belgian citizenisation contextArticles
‘You Are Romanian. This is Going to Be a Problem': Class, Desire, and Educated Migrant Women in FranceArticles
"Aliyah" in the Lives of North African Jewish Widows: Realization of a Dream or Solution to a Problem?Articles
"An Affair of the Heart": Hijab Narratives of Arab Muslim Women in Malta.Articles
"Driven" Women: Gendered Moral Economies of Women's Migrant Labor in Postsocialist Europe's PeripheriesThesis-dissertations
"Ich wollte eigentlich gern als Straßenbahnfahrerin arbeiten." Biographische Perspektiven von Jugendlichen im Kontext von Flucht und AsylChapters
"In My Town I Have...". Migrant Women and Multi-Local Ties (Rome 17th-18th Centuries)Articles
"Strangers in the Homeland": Social Integration of Non-Jewish Immigrant Women in IsraeArticles
"Women were always there": Carribean Immigrant Womne, Mutual Aid Societies, and Benevolent Associations in the Early Twenty CenturyChapters
“Ain’t I a Woman?”: Feminist Participatory Action-Research with African Migrant Women Living in SpainArticles
“And I Remained Alone in a Vast Land”: Women in the Jewish Migration from Eastern EuropeArticles