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Building named after Polyxeni Loizias

    Polyxeni Loizias (b. Limassol, Cyprus, Ottoman Empire, 1855 — d. 1942) was a Greek Cypriot teacher and educator. She studied in Cyprus, Smyrna, and Constantinople (now Istanbul). She was appointed principal of the Limassol School for Girls (founded in 1859) and taught there for 35 years. She promoted feminist issues, adult education in night schools for women, professional lives for women, and women’s athletics. She was also a prolific writer on feminist issues, and she expanded the educational opportunities for women on Cyprus. As an author, she participated in the public debate in favor of education and a professional life for women. And as a principal, she fulfilled these reforms by sending students to study in universities in Greece when women were allowed to study at the university level and no universities existed in Cyprus at the time, and she started educational courses for adult women teachers in her school.

    Address : Themidos 3, Limassol

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